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January 1, 2020

I'm delighted to announce that Bare Witness  will be the Theatre Company in Residence at Belconnen Arts Centre for 2020. It's an exciting time at Belco, as work continues on the building of the brand new theatre space, which will be completed in the coming months. I have a fond association with the building, having done a five-week residency here for the redevelopment of my Butoh adaptation of Paradise Lost, and then again for my early rehearsals for Icarus. Plus, as a Belco local, I'm ecstatic at being able to cycle to work at the Arts Centre each day!

I want to take advantage of the residency to develop some ambitious new projects with a 'laboratory theatre' ensemble, and establish BAC the home of contemporary physical theatre in the ACT. Keep an eye on the Bare Witness facebook page for more.

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